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Dear fellow toy collectors,

Hello, my name is Jesse Wroblewski and like you, I am a huge fan of everything related to toys. In 2001, after many years of collecting toys, I decided I would try to create my own toyline and see how far I could take it. I had absolutely no education in business or sculpting or toymaking for that matter! However, after a few weeks of some arts and crafts in my basement, my first line of toys, Puppet Terrors was born.

Since then Puppet Terrors has grown into an elaborate product line that is distributed worldwide. It has spawned a comic book series based on the characters and most recently I've been in negotiations to bring them into other mediums such as movies and television. I have to say as fanboy of toys, comics and genre movies this is without question one of the most rewarding and coolest jobs one could ever have.


Having an independent toyline has taken me all over the country, to trade shows, conventions and entertainment meetings and in my travels I've met many great people and fans. I've noticed that most of these people all have very similar questions about how they can go about creating their own toyline.

Some of these questions include:

How do I get my toys mass produced?

I want to sell my toy ideas to a toy company, who do I contact?

How do I get a prototype of my toy created?

Where do I even start?

After answering and helping so many people individually, I decided I would take everything I that I've learned creating and running my toy business over the past 7 years and put together an easy to follow video series to help teach others who may be interested in creating their own toys.   


What You'll Get:

A professionally produced, informative, 6 video series including:

VIDEO #1 - Intro To Toymaking Run Time: 7:53

My introduction to toymaking.
Helpful hints and advice before getting started.


VIDEO #2 - Prototyping Run Time: 13:40

How to create a prototype on your own.
How to get a prototype created elsewhere, affordably.
Where to find parts, supplies, tools & more for making toys.


VIDEO #3 - Licensing Run Time: 7:58

How to sell your idea to a big-time, toy company!
What you can expect financially if you sell your idea to a company.
Where to find toy companies interested in licensing your ideas.


VIDEO #4 - Mass Production Run Time: 9:53

How to get your toys produced in mass overseas.
Who to contact to get your toys mass produced.

Finding a Toy Agent or Broker.

Packaging basics.
What you'll need to know to get your ideas overseas 
and your product back you.


VIDEO #5 - Marketing & Distribution Run Time: 8:53

Market your toys! How to get them sold.
The best places to spend your marketing dollar.
The basics of distribution.
How to get your toys distributed throughout the world.


VIDEO #6 - Conclusion & Bonus Features Run Time: 8:04

My closing message & advice.
Website basics.
PR basics.
Guerilla Marketing Techniques.

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These videos are all large screen, high-quality
produced videos.

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actual size and quality below:

Sample Taken From Video #2 - Prototyping (1:06)

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You will not be able to find this much information on the subject in one convenient place!
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"It is a bright beacon of awesome sent down from the plastic heavens, guiding us through the previously labyrinthine mire of the toy process.

Collin David
Read The Review!

"Finally, a website that actually helps you step-by-step into the world of product manufacturing! The tutorials and DVD answered a lot of questions and great customer service ,made it worth the price many times over. I would recommend to anybody that wants to take their ideas to the next level: product manufacturing. Easy to understand and well presented you will be taught by someone who has already learned the hard way, thus showing you the easy way! I have to thank Jesse for sharing his knowledge and giving me hope on bringing my creations to life."

Steve Zakas

You'll be getting a top-to-bottom education that will teach 
you how to get started creating your own line of

Action Figures Garage Model Kits
Dolls Resin Statues
Board Games Props
Puppets Vinyl Toys
Pet Toys & MORE!

You can apply these techniques to 
virtually ANY product YOU want to create!


In every section I've also included information on how accomplish each and every 
step in the most affordable way possible. Now you can benefit from my years 
of research, price shopping and experience even if you are not interested in 
getting involved in arts and crafts!


"Phi3 COMICS just purchased your toy making educational videos, tips, and tricks and we have just one thing to say - THANKS! You've saved us hours of scouring the Internet any further for information that is provided through your videos and members site. Being toy collectors ourselves, it has always been a no-brainer to include toys to accompany our comic books someday.

Phi3 is still a ways from getting our SPIRALMIND characters immortalized in plastic, but we have begun the process of planning, and, with the help of your videos and website, our comic book lines will someday have a toy line that fans can collect! 

Your videos are professional, concise, and to the point. An absolute necessity for any and all interested in bringing their toy ideas into fruition. AWESOME! Keep up the great work man! Your myspace friend request was truly a Godsend!"

Matt Rothblatt and Ben Perez
El Paso, TX

"I just purchased your videos...I thought they were invaluable! Very inspiring and straight forward. And the links were just as great. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I own a startup designer plush company in NYC called Tedde ( that is giving the teddy bear a much needed makeover with fresh designs and input from the community."




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My informative, 6 video 
series will show you exactly 
how to prototype, mass 
produce, market and get 
your toys distributed.

If after watching you 
do not feel satisfied 
You Don't Pay a Cent!

The only purpose of this material is to help you along your way creating your very own toyline. If it doesn't explain what I've promised in an easy enough to learn format simply let me know and I will give you a prompt refund.

I am so sure that anyone can successfully apply these techniques that I want you to try it out. That is why I decided to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on this incredible material ? by removing all the risk!

I am so sure that you will instantly be able to start bringing your concepts into actual products that I am offering you a risk-free trial. Try these techniques and if you are not ecstatic about the results ? I will buy it back from you!

That's how much confidence I have in my videos! I am willing to give a full no questions asked refund!

Does it get any better than that?


Not only that!
If you order today I am going to throw in 
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#1 - Free upgrades for life!
Yes, that is right. As a free gift to those who buy in the next 24 hours I am going to include free upgrades for life! The toy industry is an ever changing place. I do not plan on teaching you what's hot now and forgetting about you if these lessons ever become obsolete! Order now and you will be entitled to any and all future updates to these videos!

#2 - 100's Of My Secret Links!
Each video is accompanied by dozens of topic pertinent links. I've accumulated these industry links over years and I will happily give them all to you! These valuable links include:

  • Dozens of toy companies who are 
    interested in hearing YOUR ideas for 
    new toylines.

  • Links to finding the cheapest supplies
    to help you with your prototyping.

  • Pertinent industry trade shows,
    magazines and conventions.

  • Dozens of agencies, brokers and factory
    direct contacts to assist you in finding an overseas manufacturer to mass produce
    your products!

#3 - Q&A Video Sessions
Your education does not end with our 6 videos! Every month I will be answering the most requested industry related questions in an informative video chat! Ask your questions, or just watch and learn!


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"I look forward to helping you make your toy dreams a reality, 
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Jesse Wroblewski
and Creator & Owner
Puppet Terrors

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